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Juan Ortuño (1940 - 1997)

An early unsigned masterpiece of Pampaneira, Bubion and Capileira in the Alpujarras (Spain), a short drive from Guy and Bebe's finca, by the late Juan Ortuño. It was Juan Ortuño's policy to leave works unsigned when forced to sell them for a pittance. The composition itself should dispel any doubt as to it being other than the work of the maestro himself. The mountain upon which the three pueblos (villages) are perched resembles an enormous fish with the snow capped Sierra Nevada mountain rolling down like waves. With a stroke of pure viridian above the master has a golden eagle or vulture ominously hovering over the scene below. It isn't surprising that this has been described as a prophetic painting.

Oil on hardboard
size approx. 112cms x 78cms
Price € 3500
accredited but unsigned
He never signed his work when he had to sell it too cheaply. acquire

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