The Black Sheep Muse Room

"I read black where you read white."

( William Blake addressing orthodoxy).

Britain and America in Prophecy

Overturning and return of the Stone

Stone of Destiny - new insights

IRELAND - Temple without walls

The Bible is scientific

The Extraterrestrial Theology of the Hebrew Record

Solar Geometry

Phi for Neo-phi-tes

Astro-archaeological Star of Bethlehem

Solar Eclipse 1999 - Final Quest of the Holy Grail

The Great Pyramid as Proof of God

The Kolbrin

Holy Grail in the Light of Truth highly recommended along with the Ten Commandments to be found under Further Reading in the l.h. column

The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln into John Kennedy

The literal creation of mankind at the hands of You-Know-What

The Happening

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The inscription taken from Lautréamont's Maldoror reads:
"Gravedigger, it is grand to contemplate the ruins of cities but it is grander still to contemplate the ruin of man."

Note: Guy substituted man for human beings.

Resource Links:


For alternative daily news, archives, etc.

Occasional pearls to be found !


Terrorism and the Illuminati

Extensively researched. Superb resource site.


Watch unto prayer

Recommeded companion piece for terrorism and the illuminati. Don't let the site name put you off!
Scroll down for articles.


Starpath Visions

A Gnostic, Occult, and Imaginative Approach to Astrology
The outpost of a visionary gnostic astrologer and poet,
with a gift for the surreal and the symbolic.
The Christ bomb and the Emerald Sutra are a must. 


It all comes down to our souls,
but some of us haven't got one !!

Is Gold Money ?

The Merovingian Ancestory of the 2008 Presidential Candidates

The Merovingian Dynasty

How the United States wrecked the world’s most robust economy and impoverished its own people

Follow The Money To The 911 Players

Even More On 911 And Fortuitous Events

Oil Is NOT A Fossil Fuel - It Is Abiotic

Russia Proves 'Peak Oil' Is A Misleading Scam

Peak Oil True or False

Hedberg Research Conferece on Gas Hydrates

Gore and Friends plundered Russia

Thomas Eddison on government created debt free money

The secret bailout of J.P. Morgan


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