"Sacrifice is the code of the road" ( Bob Dylan)

Painting 'The Riddle'

The Riddle

The Riddle has the house of the world projected as a head. It not only houses the two brothers with their advice but also one's concerns with the basic needs of food, warmth and shelter - fears implicit at the fork.

Applying the riddle to life we find that advice is sought at just such a fork ; it is the dilemma faced by those with imagination and a creative calling. Advice is found in the house which together with the two brothers symbolises the world and its inhabitants. The brothers are yourself and others. "If I were you I would...", say the liars as if they could be you, or you could be them when considering their ways!

The fork has its counterpart in the symbolism of the serpent with its forked tongue. The His-story-cal identity of the two brothers are to be found here.


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