The Flowering

With The Riddle and its Black Sheep's counterparts completed the May Flower was ready to land. De Shepherd tried the outsider gallery, England & Co. Wasn't this New England and weren't the black sheep outsiders?
Jane England wanted to see what followed. Her letter arrived on 6 January, 1999.
It was the first of three signs on the three kings' day inaugerating The Flowering.
The second sign was a wounded white ram which they came across in a second-hand bookshop. It wasn't bleeding. Was Bebe pregnant? Would de Shepherd lose his edge as a consequence? - as Don Juan has it ( Second Ring of Power by Carlos Castaneda )

Wounded white ram with black socks framed

Wounded white ram with black socks

A pregnancy test confirmed their reading of the white ram - "Objects found are objects given" ( de Shepherd ). The wound was a warning. If he followed Don Juan there could be no children ; they take one's edge. But not to have the lamb would be the end of Guy and Bebe's path together. There was no point continuing together if they were not prepared to accept what was given to them along the way. The Ballad of Guy and Bebe was after all their path and calling together ; they would rather take the lamb along with them than lose their way.

Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise......
Seek what they sought.
( Zen quote from Dawn and Steve on their card to the little lamb on his first birthday - his godparents had been chosen wisely ).


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