The Black Sheep Museum

"Where it's going nobody knows" (John Lennon) - 2000

-To be continued

The Landing


Back in November, 2000 Guy and Bebe landed at the JAH* site on the internet. Here they learnt about the identity of the Israelites (the European Nations and the United States of America) and the Stone of Destiny. The revelation blew their minds. They had landed in the end times.
The following morning Guy took his son out for a walk and some shopping. Just around the corner from their flat a tall elderly gentleman engaged young Joshua in conversation. The previous night's reading was on Guy's mind and so he asked him if he had heard of the Stone of Destiny. The gentleman turned out to have been none other than the detective on duty at Westminster Abbey when the Stone was returned (and dropped!). Adhering to the premise that objects found are signs given, Guy took the coincidence to be a verification of Israel identity and the Stone of Destiny.

Bogged down in the end times they set up The Happening, a Muse Room resource for seekers. Click and it will be opened unto you!

Meanwhile and to cut a long story short...


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